Life at 30 frames per second…

War Stories DVD boxAn old adage claims that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Let’s explore that.

A single second of video is comprised of around 30 distinct frames.  When paused, each distinct image that flashes across a viewer’s screen can tell a completely different – and unique – thousand word story.  Therefore, a typical half-minute spot is comparable to an essay of around thirty thousand vocables.Yet when these moments are processed together in sequence, the result – the moving image – can convey far more to a much greater audience than a 120 page manuscript. Moving images are powerful.  They can be utilized to evoke emotion, promote causes, and endorse positive change in our world.

Over the past twelve years I’ve developed a diverse set of skills that allow me to routinely deliver acclaimed, industry-recognized results. When it comes to choosing the person you want to help tell your story, don’t settle for less than the best. Let me compose thirty dynamic seconds for you that will linger in viewers minds long after the video is over.

I’ll help you make your moments – every moment – matter.

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