13 Amazing Photos You Didn’t Know Were Taken (by me) In 2013

13 Amazing Photos You Didn’t Know Were Taken (by me) In 2013


365 days of carrying a camera around can lead to some pretty inane imagery; the out-of-focus bar photo, that “walking” shot you didn’t mean to take, the accidental selfie; all are bastions of carrying around a camera almost 24/7.  In addition to some photographic misfires, and the occasional sore arm, I also managed to capture some pretty-great imagery.  Below you’ll find my best 13 pieces of work from this calendar year, and a few bonus shots as well.  Hey, I was raised Baptist.  We’re not known for our brevity.

1. Facts of Life

I took this image while tethered to a light pole during DC’s annual Gay Pride Parade.  This man stood a hundred or so feet away watching the spectacle while holding a sign in support of his gay daughter.  As I took his photo from afar, he caught me and the look in his eyes says it all: happiness, pride and solidarity.


2. Girl With an Umbrella

This was taken shortly after I took the photo of the man with the sign. A young girl marches in the Capitol Pride Parade holding a rainbow umbrella.  I really liked the vibrant colors of the umbrella and how they radiated out onto her skin.


3. Vertical Drop

Climbing to the top of Il Dueomo in Florence, Italy is no easy feat.  One must climb more than 463 steps to reach the very top (which pales in comparison to Masada’s 700) until one realizes that many of the stairways are precariously claustrophobic and very, very steep.  At one point, one must climb between the inner and outer dome which is an even more harrowing experience.  Once at the top, one can only imagine the worst when they peer over the side railing.


4. For The Birds

The morning of New Years Eve Day was bright and beautiful.  Out in Piazza San Marco tourists were busy feeding pigeons when I snapped this shot.


5. Fierce

Festival goers at DC’s Capitol Pride snap a pic amongst the festivities. Pride_DC_Make_Up

6. Girl on a Bike

A young woman rides a bike during the DC Capitol Pride parade.  Around her water falls, sparkling in the light.  Her smile and effervescence captures the feelings of pride and hope found in the DC gay community.  Girl_Pride_Parade

7. Foggy Morning in Venice

A gondola operator guides his vessel through the foggy waters of Venice.


8. Pomm Pomms

A transgendered woman smiles for the camera at the 2013 DC Capitol Pride.


9. Last Gasp

A partially entombed corpse at Pompeii with its skull exposed.


9. Venice at Dusk


10. The Book Signing

Author, Blogger and Activist Dan Savage signs copies of his latest book, “American Savage.”  Shortly after this photo was taken, he signed the back of my iPad as it contained an ebook copy of his latest release.  Dan_Savage

11A. The Protestor

It was around 10 a.m. when Rives Miller Grogan began screaming from his hiding spot in a pine tree.  “Baby Killer!  Anti-Christ!  Obama is the Anti-Christ!!!!”

And so, it went on.

The man, who had managed to slip a political sign through checkpoint after checkpoint, and who had managed to scale a tree at one of the most fortified events of the calendar year, proceeded to blare his political rants throughout the proceedings.  He paused only once, to listen to Beyonce sing the National Anthem.  Then, he continued. Abortion_Protestor

11B. The President – A Panorama

More than 1 million people turned out to watch President Barack Obama be sworn in for his second term.  Despite the cold, bitter temperatures, spirits among the crowd remained warm, friendly, and in the case of one protestor, fiery.



12. Militarized Zone

A pedestrian passes by a HMMWV parked on a median near the Capitol Building on the eve of President Barack Obama’s second inauguration.  Inaguration_Night

13. The Endorsement

President Barack Obama delivers an impassioned endorsement for then Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe.  McAuliffe went on to win the election was sworn in on January 11, 2014.  – Photo property the Washington Blade, used for portfolio purposes only.



A (Bonus pic). Man of the Hour

MSNBC Anchor Thomas Roberts accepts an award from the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce at their annual dinner in Washington, D.C.  – Photo property the Washington Blade, used for portfolio purposes only. NGLCC+National+Dinner+-+023


B. (Bonus Pic). Play My Song

A DJ plays the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce annual dinner in Washington, D.C.  – Photo property the Washington Blade, used for portfolio purposes only. NGLCC+National+Dinner+-+027

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