Lee Whitman

What You Should Know:

Name: Lee Whitman
Occupation: Writer/Director/Producer/Photographer/Social Media Guru
Favorite Camera: Canon 7D, Canon 5D, RED ONE, RED EPIC, GoPro
Favorite Subjects: Portraits, Candids, News
Favorite Vacation Spot: California, Paris, Rehoboth Beach
Personal Motto: “Work hard. Play harder.”



KISS (short)
Inspiration Point (short)
…Under the Bed (short)
WAR STORIES (feature)
Barry the Vampire Slayer

Lee Whitman has been writing, directing and producing films, PSAs, and TV commercials for more than twelve years.  His feature film War Stories was exhibited at more than 12 film festivals, won 3 festival awards, and received a distribution deal.  His original screenplay “Out For Dinner” won the Holman Screenwriting Competition in 2006.  Whitman has also been the recipient of numerous broadcasting awards including 3 Emmys® for his PSA work with the Department of Defense’s Radio and Television Production Office.  He currently lives in the Washington D.C. area and is working on several new screenplays.



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