I’ve been experimenting with a new style of headshot photography; basic white and gray backgrounds where the focus is completely on the subject.  I’ve managed to come up with some … Continue Reading →


The View You’ve Been Missing: This Amazing Panorama Photograph Taken From the Washington Monument Will Leave You Breathless.

I was recently lucky enough to have had the opportunity to be one of the first back into the Washington Monument after it was damaged by an earthquake three years … Continue Reading →


13 Amazing Photos You Didn’t Know Were Taken (by me) In 2013

13 Amazing Photos You Didn’t Know Were Taken (by me) In 2013   365 days of carrying a camera around can lead to some pretty inane imagery; the out-of-focus bar … Continue Reading →

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Freelancing in DC

Living in DC one is randomly presented with a plethora of unique opportunities and these life events often present themselves when least expected.  I’ve run into Kathleen Sebelius at dinner (she bought us a … Continue Reading →