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Protestor at InagurationLiving in DC one is randomly presented with a plethora of unique opportunities and these life events often present themselves when least expected.  I’ve run into Kathleen Sebelius at dinner (she bought us a round of drinks), stumbled into Speaker of the House John Boehner at my local liquor store, and I’ve randomly scored tickets to two Presidential Inaugurations.

I’ve also witnessed a government shutdown and federal furlough firsthand.  So, I did what I usually do in these sorts of situations: I pulled out my camera and went shooting.  I biked around to the various monuments in DC and took in the sights in sounds: the empty museums, the bewildered tourists, the flustered feds.  It was interesting, and actually a little bit fun.Then, the shutdown pushed into the second week.  I was bored.  More importantly, I was wondering if I’d have enough cash on hand to buy groceries if the stalemate progressed into a second month.  So, I reached out to several of my contacts in the local news industry and started freelancing.I’ve now photographed the Values Voter Summit where Marco Rubio, Thomas Roberts at the NGLCC DinnerRand Paul, and Ted Cruize were among the speakers, several nightlife shoots, and last week I even photographed the President of the United States at a rally for (now Virginia Governor-Elect) Terry McAuliffe.  You can check out some of the photographs in my photo gallery section marked DC News.

I’m not sure what my next assignments will be, or where they’ll take me, but I’m looking forward to them nonetheless.——Note: Unless otherwise indicated, the photographs on this page and in my DC News gallery, while shot by me, are all property of the Washington Blade.  They are used here for portfolio purposes only.  For usage inquiries, please contact the Blade.

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