“Happy New Year-- Dear God, please don’t let us burn to death.”  NYE 2011 at Shpagat.

The Kosher Pita Restaurant

Taken w iPhone4s

Mmmm.  Kosher Coke!

Taken w iPhone4s

What occurred next wasn’t too dissimilar from a typical New Years Eve in the streets.  More drinks were purchased, dancing occurred, more drinks, and then someone handed me a stick.  At first I thought it was filled with confetti, but then a hot Israeli soldier corrected me, “Nope, it’s a flare,” he said, “at midnight, you light it on fire.”

For a brief moment sobriety returned to me and I took in my surroundings.  I was in a packed bar, that featured untreated wood panelling and floors and much of this was now soaked in alcohol from the revelers.  If someone dropped a flare, we were fucked.  

About the time this revelation hit the countdown began.  At some point my flare was lit, people screamed, confetti went everywhere and 2012 began.  Eventually I made it back to my hotel and my bed.  While rumors of the rest of the evening do exist, I can neither confirm nor deny that they occurred.  Those stories are best saved for Penthouse Forum.

Flares at Shpagat.

Taken w iPhone4s