One main challenge in the world of film and television production is that you can never control the weather. Golden hour is too short, it’s eighty when it should be snowing, there’s a hurricane when there should be a drought, the list goes on an on. Fortunately, Virtual Production can aid producers in getting just the right look and feel for the setting that they need. This is especially true if they have access to a Virtual Production LED wall.

As part of my graduate studies at Hopkins I had the opportunity to experiment with camera matching and using the processed model in a ‘virtual production’, as seen below. For those not familiar, camera matching is a technique which allows an artist to reconstruct an object utilizing either a series of still photos or a single still photo. In this case, I used an architecture photo from Adobe Stock, remapped it in Fspy and Blender and then transferred the final model into a rural landscape I built using MegaScans and the Unreal 5.1 Engine. I then adjusted the lighting and atmospherics to my liking for a ‘sun study’.

The result is an environment that could be tuned to match whatever’s required of the script. In the current animation it’s a warm summer day, but one could easily ‘re-dress’ the location and make it under six feet of snow, or add in a thunderstorm. The possibilities are endless.

TL/DR: Check out my new pretty animation and turn up the sound. 🙂