This animation was produced as part of my Virtual Production class at Johns Hopkins University. The assignment was to take a recorded memory from our class partner and translate it into a short film. While I built quite a few objects in the room via 3D modeling software (the bassinet, side table, changing table, etc.), and scanned many other objects (the stuffed animals, room decorations) other objects were stock and licensed under a creative commons license .

This was NOT a character animation course, so while I utilized Epic’s MetaHuman software to create my characters and animate them with motion capture data and tweaked that a bit, there are still a few rough moments that I would refine if I was submitting to festivals or going further with this. In fact we only spent the last week or so on character animation. Rendered in Unreal Engine 5.

I include this animation in my portfolio not as an example of what I’m capable of producing currently, but rather, as an example of my initial starting point.